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Minimum staking amount is 10 ZIL
*- You will be able to claim withdrawal after 30800 blocks (≈14 days)
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What is Avely?
Avely Finance is a liquid staking protocol on Zilliqa blockchain.The protocol allows users to stake their ZIL without losing access to their assets. In return, users receive stZIL — a tokenized version of their staked ZIL.
How does Avely work?
When staking ZIL with Avely Finance users get stZIL - a tokenized version which represents their staked ZIL. Users can receive and withdraw stZIL using an “honest price” which includes all ZIL rewards with auto re-staking. This price is independent from any other exchanges.
What is liquid staking?
Liquid staking protocols allow users to earn staking rewards without locking their assets. Users can deposit the tokens and receive tradable liquid tokens in return. Smart contract stakes these tokens for users. As users' funds are controlled by the smart contract, staking providers never have a direct access to the users' assets.
What is stZIL?
StZIL is a tokenized version of users’ staked ZIL. stZIL is a ZRC-2 token and it can be sent to any Zilliqa wallets and used in any DeFi protocol. stZIL is tradable on Avely Swap.
Are my funds safe with Avely?
Users’ funds are controlled by a smart contract and nobody except smart contract has access to these funds. Users can always withdraw their funds using an “honest price” which includes all ZIL rewards with auto re-staking. Such withdrawals follow the same rules that apply to the regular ZIL withdrawals from the staking contract.
What is the difference between self-staking and liquid staking?
Self-staking allows users to earn rewards, but their assets are locked during staking. Also users can’t get auto compounding interest on the most part of blockchains with a self-staking. Liquid staking allows users to avoid losing access to their assets during staking. Users receive liquid staking tokens which they can send to other users or use in other DeFi protocols to earn additional revenue.
What are the risks of staking with Avely?
Avely Finance provides you with way more flexibility than self-staking. Users can benefit from the different strategies which allow them to increase revenue. For example one possible strategy is to stake 50% with Avely Finance and get stZIL in return. Then use this stZIL and remaining ZIL as a liquidity for Avely Swap for a pair stZIL/ZIL. In this case users can continue earning staking rewards with auto compounding interest for a half of their ZIL and a whole ZIL is used in a liquidity pool and gets rewards stZIL and ZIL from trading fees. If it’s needed, users who deploy this strategy can always remove liquidity from a pool and thus they can have a big part of their ZIL unlocked immediately. The other part can be withdrawn from Avely Finance using the “honest price”.
Does Avely charge any fees?
Avely Finance charges a 0% fee from all ZIL rewards. But in return users get auto compounding interest which covers this fee and enjoy the increased flexibility with the access to their assets during staking.
How to convert stZIL to ZIL?
There are 4 ways how user can receive stZIL: 1) Stake ZIL with Avely Finance (instant) 2) Convert staked ZIL to stZIL on Avely Finance (this process is instant) 3) Use Avely Swap or any other AMM DEX which has trading pairs with stZIL. 4) Receive from any other user
What is Avely Swap?
Avely Swap is a DeFi AMM crypto swap exchange which supports stZil/ZIL trading pair. Users can trade their ZIL and stZIL there. Also users can earn from trading fees by providing liquidity to stZIL/ZIL pool.
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